Don’t miss this weeks delivery. Order on or before FRIDAY 11:59 Phoenix Time.

It’s fast and easy

Select your meal plan

Select a meal plan and order Online before or on Friday.

We prepare your freshly made meals

We receive your order and start preparing your fresh meals on Saturday’s.

We deliver to you

We have your meals delivered on Sunday’s at several locations around Yuma, AZ.

Enjoy your CaterFit Yuma meals

Heat it up and eat your convenient delicious meals.


Are your meals frozen?

No, our meals are prepared for you to eat fresh. Just make sure to store your meals properly.

Do i have to cook any of the meals?

No, our meals are ready to eat. Just heat it up in the microwave,stove top or any other method you might have.

Can you accomodate specific diets and allergies?

Yes we can substitute to your needs.

Just make sure to let us know under the "additional information" section on the checkout page.  Add your diet or allergy notes there.

When & where do you deliver meals?

CaterFit Yuma delivers every Sunday because of this we suggest you order before Friday.

Our current delivery locations can be found on this page.

What's the price for your meals?
To view pricing for our prepared meals please visit our ordering page.
Can i pay with cash or check?
Yes! We accept cash and checks at delivery. Please just make sure to select it within the checkout page.

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